What Is an ATV Stator?

Along with the flywheel, an ATV stator is a key component of the vehicle’s electrical system.  A modern ATV stator is usually a “generator stator” meaning that its only purpose is to charge the battery.  Some ATV stators, particularly older ones, have a source coil mounted on them which delivers the electrical current to the ignition system.

Generator Stator

A generator stator features a simple design and is solely used to recharge the battery. It sends the current through a voltage regulator rectifier that ensures the current is within the required voltage range to charge the battery without damaging it while also converting the power from the stator’s AC output to a DC current that can charge the battery.

If your ATV’s generator stator has burned up, you probably won’t notice it until your vehicle’s battery is dead since the ignition system is not supplied by the stator itself. The biggest advantage of these stators is their simple design; fewer parts means problems are easier to diagnose and repair.


An ATV stator has two primary functions; to charge the battery while simultaneously charging the CDI unit through the use of a special coil mounted on the ATV stator. This coil in turn sends that power to fire the engine.