What is a High Output Stator?

An OEM stator is usually built to match the minimum voltage output required by the vehicle. This means there is little room for adding equipment that requires electricity to your ATV.  A high output stator is wound in such a way that it produces more wattage.  More wattage means you won’t overload your stator by adding more accessories that require electricity.  Be advised that “High Output” does not mean more horsepower or a more powerful vehicle. You are simply increasing the voltage output, allowing you to safely outfit your vehicle with more electrical equipment.

There is a downside to this upgrade however.  A high output stator increases the load on the engine which means that you will lose power because of the magnetic drag caused by the electricity generation.  A high output stator is not always the best solution.  Many users will never feel the need to change their OEM stator for a high output one, but it’s good to know the option is available.