How to test an ATV stator?

To test an ATV stator, simply follow these easy diagnosis flowcharts, or you can conduct the 3 following tests.

With the help of a DVA Peak Volt Adaptor, you can get a more accurate reading of your stator’s voltage and improve the likelihood of a correct diagnosis.

ATV stator – Ground Test

Setting a multimeter to Ohms, touch the negative wire to the ground and alternate the positive wire between every lead of the stator’s connector. If you have any reading different from OL (Open Loop), you have a faulty stator.

ATV Stator – AC Output Test

With the meter set on AC Volts, start your machine and test every combination of 2 wires from the stator’s connector. (1 with 2, 2 with 3, 3 with 1) if the 3 readings are not equal, your stator is bad.

ATV Stator – Ohms Test

Set your meter to Ohms and repeat the same AC output test. Once again, you should have the same readings for all 3 combinations. Otherwise, your stator is faulty.

Conducting all three tests will ensure that you have checked for every potential problem with your stator. You will either know that you have a faulty stator or you will know that your stator is fine and that it is a problem with some other part of the vehicle.